Atlas 4

Living Data for Financial Assets

We provide data that thinks and learns so that investors can be on the forefront of the rapidly changing world

Mission & Team

We transform data into meaningful insights. We envision a world where investors can forecast the next big corporate merger. Or where they can determine which companies are growing their monopoly power. This is a world where we can quantify the impact of a natural disaster or political movement on each security of a client’s portfolio. We envision a world where there is unmatched clarity over financial assets.


Though our solution can be configured for a wide range of applications, in Atlas 4 we focus on finance. Our solution is also applicable to the mdeia industry as well as academic research wherever financial reporting and investigation is needed.


Assets 360°

An interactive interface visualizing the world of an asset. Designed for market analysts to speed up research and boost the brain power.

Alternative Data

Includes a complete dataset of our intelligent metrics directly usable in financial models.

Atlas Educational Solutions

AI assisted research tool particularly suitable for researchers in finance, economics and MBA programs.

Platform as a Service

If your data is private, use our pltaform to upload your data and run the AI engine to get insights.


Whether you'd like to see a demo or get more information about our work, contact us via message or follow us on social media.


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100 King Street West, Suite 6200
Toronto, ON, Canada, M5X 1B8

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