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Research Through Relations

Whether you're an MBA student trying to write a report on the state of businesses or a professor in political sciences doing research on an idea, you will find our products extremely useful.

360° Visual Interface

For example, when using our Assets 360° solution and if you're researching on issues related to the economy, for each entity of interest to you, you will see relevant charts and graphs with useful information. The visual interface has a layout which is close to the way our logic works and so, by design, it provides an intuitive pathway through which you can find interesting facts and figures about all the entities related to your research topic.

A broad range of academic disciplines can use our products to enhance their research, increase its impact and speed up the process of publishing their findings. This includes students, researchers and academics in the fields like economy, business administration, finance, political sciences and social sciences.

In addition to our visual interface, researchers can use our datasets to combine with their own data and run modelling experiments. Our data is the outcome of a Graph Neural Network (GNN) with the ability to extract and understand the semantics of each entity. In other words, given an entity (company, politician, event etc), our algorithm is aware of the entity's context. The context of an entity is nothing

Datasets for Research & Publications

but the relationships it has with the wider world. It is through this context-aware design that Atlas 4 is able to surface sophisticated patterns in economy, politics and beyond. These patterns in turn have the power to open new research horizons.

Join Us to Use AI for Good

Atlas 4 also enables and encourages research on topics which could revolutionize the way we live. We're actively doing research on these topics and publish our findings whenever we think our findings solves one of these issues. Our world faces many challenges which demand a solution. What's more is that we don't have much time to respond to these challenges. Therefore, we will need a powerful AI to help us along the way. To name a few, climate change, advent of automation and its impact on labor, scarcity of natural resources around the globe, poverty and health are all the areas in a crisis mode demanding a rapid solution. We believe that our solution, together with the combined efforts of all researchers can help solving these issues.

Therefore, if you have a research idea related to any of these global subjects contact us to start a conversation around it.

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January 20, 2021