Atlas 4.0

Intelligent Internet of Assets

Mission & Team

Atlas 4.0 is the vantage point of Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence and Financial Markets. Our AI algorithms generate a 360 digital sphere of the entire financial market ecosystem revealing inter-company relationships as well as the relationships assets have to their supply chain, competitors, clients, events, politicians, legislative bodies and the economy. Through this, we surface complex financial patterns and generate novel, high impact insights to help investors make the most informed investment decisions.


Our solution can be used in many ways which are listed below. Please contact us for demos, data and more information.

360° Visual

An interface to our 360° view. It is tuned for tasks such as interpretation, investigation, manual research and data-driven journalism.

Atlas 4 AI Metrics

Novel metrics such as semantic correlation, exposure, synergy, horizontal and vertical merger likelihoods, political and social influence of companies and much more ...

Atlas 4 Features

Many of our customers already use AI and machine learning. Our offer to them is high-impact features extracted from our graph neural network, asset embedding vectors and temporal graph features.


This is a strategic product enabling our clients to run what-if scenarios to stress-test their portfolios against likely market shocks.


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