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Atlas 4.0 is an alternative data provider on a mission to disrupt the world of analytics through automated reasoning. We mine relationships between entities and build a knowledge graph of the target business world. Through this, and by using our unique AI technology we generate data products with applications ranging from media to security, asset management and global economic decision making.


Our solutions cover a wide range of industries and sectors. We offer high impact solutions for finance, media, education, security and governments to name a few. The use cases below are few examples showing how our solution can be used in some of these areas.


Story 360°

This visual interface is an omniscient view of entities under our coverage with a special focus on media and reporting. Assisted by AI, it enables the users to navigate through the inter-entity relationships, form research ideas and unearth stories hidden in plain sight.

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Alternative Data for Media

Datasets containing our metrics which could be used directly in your data-driven journalism processes. They're refreshed regularly and event-based. Using this data connects your analytical models to our AI engine, giving it a boost in performance.

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Assets 360°

This is a visual interface with a special emphasis on financial assets. Designed for market analysts and assisted by our AI technology, it speeds up research and boosts the brain power enabling faster equity research, better decision support and high quality results.

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Alternative Data for Finance

Includes a complete dataset of our intelligent metrics. These data can be directly used in your analytical models connecting it to our AI engine. They're refreshed both regularly and in an event-based manner enabling you to stay ahead in this complex environment.

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Automated Financial Reports

Our financial reports can be generated through the Assets 360° directly or through subscription. Though automatically generated, our report is human readable and contains summaries which helps analysts to rate securities in a more efficient and communicatable manner.

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Atlas Evidenceboard

This is the modern day, AI assisted version of an evidence board and brings all the fictional funcionalities of it into the real world. Designed with a special focus on security and investigation, this tool speeds up investigations and increases the efficiency of the process.

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Atlas Educational Solutions

Many of our products are natural fit for academic research in areas like finance, politics and media. Academics can use our solution to increase their research quality, speed it up and, when necessary, have all the relevant supporting material for their research at their fingertips.

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Platform as a Service

In many areas, a large portion of data is private. Acknowledging this, we offer our platform as a service so that you can plug your data and apply our AI engine in a private setting. We can also train your staff to transform your data to a knowledge graph.

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