Atlas 4.0

The All Seeing Eye of the Financial World


We are a team of AI and Economics experts on a mission to create the all-seeing eye of the financial markets. We believe that to make this goal a reality data and AI should be used differently. We do this through a new paradigm which we call relationship-driven analytics and use it to generate better insights and provide a higher understnading of the financial markets for investment managers.


Our solution can be used in many ways which are listed below. Please contact us for demos, data and more information.


We generate near-human insights using Semantic AI. This is delivered in the form of either smart metrics or raw data via APIs. If you already have a running, data-driven investment model, then you can use these insights as aditional features. Otherwise, we will help you along the way to build powerful machine learning models based on these insights.


In addition to insights we also offer on-demand, ad-hoc analytics. We use our platform and data to do so. But we can as easily transform and add your data into our platform. We acknowledge that some client-side data can be sensitive and provide secure means of data fusion where data sharing is not feasible.

360° Visual

An interface to our 360° view. This is useful for tasks such as interpretation, investigation and manual research. Using the visual interface you can see how companies are related to each other and the wider world. You can use this knowledge to build better models yourself and increase the profitability of your strategies.


This is a strategic product enabling our clients to run what-if scenarios to stress-test their portfolios against likely market shocks. The outcome of a simulation enables our clients to adjust their positions according to likely scenarios and significantly reduce their risk and exposure.


Whether you'd like to see a demo or get more information about our products, drop us a line.


Email: info@atlas4.io


Company address
Brookfield Place, PO Box 30042
Toronto, ON, Canada, M5J 0A5